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Glass Shower Enclosures and Doors

The shower can be the centerpiece of the bathroom. Glass enclosures can enhance the overall appearance and feel of both the shower and the entire  bathroom. These enclosures can be configured in a number of ways:  

Frameless Glass Enclosures

We offer frameless glass, which means that although it doesn’t mean there is absolutely no metal, the enclosure can be designed using a minimal amount of hardware.

Semi-Frameless Glass Enclosures

As the name implies some metal framing is used, usually at the corners and around the structure but not around the entire door. 

Framed Glass Enclosures

This type of enclosure has metal around the entire shower including the door. One of the advantages of installing a framed enclosure is its water tight seal. 

Sliding Glass Doors

This type of door is used on top of a bathtub or a full standing shower. They’re commonly used in a smaller bathroom where there are space constraints Sliding shower and tub doors can be frameless or framed. 

Other options include door and panel, single swing, corner enclosure, and multi-panel. All these possibilities add a feeling of openness and spaciousness. 

Our team at Glass Pro Shop has the experience and expertise to work with you to create the exact enclosure to meet your needs. We have many styles of hardware finishes that can match any existing hardware. We can also help you select colors, designs and finishes. We look forward to talking with you and providing you with a free estimate. Give us a call at 850-575-7403 today!


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